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EndProduct name : End Suction Water Pump
Product number :11258311316
Product category :Centrifugal Pump Series
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Detailed information
Brief Introduction
XA is used for handing clear water or the liquids similar to the water physically and chemically finding the application for water feed and supply service in mine, plants and towns and some uses in air-conditioning, extinguishing and irrigation.
In spite of the same specification, the pump’s performances vary with the out diameter of the impeller.(Indicated with the block letters A,B and C in the end of the designation of the type.
The pump is simple in structure, reliable in preoformances, small in size, low in power consumption, convenient in maintenance and of good caviation proof.
XA has 60 specifications with the shaft in four sizes, suitable for various handing duties, for the pump with a same specification, the components, such as shaft, bearing, shaft sleeve, shaft seal and the fasteners of impellers are exchangeable. In addition, only five types of bearing brackets are applied to the whole series.
Speeds: 2900r/min and 1450r/min or 1480r/min
Speed: 2900r/min — 1450r/min or 1480r/min
Max. Capacity: 132L/s  300 L/s
Max. head: 100m —     55m
Max speed: 3500r/min. (when using the power of 60Hz and the diameter of impeller is to br reduced)
Max.Working temperature: 105℃
Shaft Seal:        Packing or mechanical seal
Min.Working temperature: - 10℃
Working pressure: 1 Mpa normally, if 1.6 Mpa is requested, indicate in the order.
Applicable standard: DIN 24255; BS EN733

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